Wild Quiltworks

About Marti Price Morton

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
— Mary Oliver

AlI live my mantra, quilt wild. I love color. I love nature. I love art. I love texture. I love stories. I believe that all of these can come together in a quilt, and that there is an art to bringing people comfort.

I was born in the Pacific Northwest and I nourish my spirit in its forests, lakes, and rivers. The bark of a pine, the curl of an unfurling fern, the sweet smell of a wild rose, the twists of the Metolius—these all bring inspiration to my quilting, and you will find these shapes in my work.

I appreciate wild beauty and the healing power of art because I’ve spent years with my own mortality. I’m a survivor, through earth-shaking diagnoses, invasive treatments, and countless uncertainties. I also know loss. And through this, I have embraced the comfort of a quilt, to quite literally bring us warmth and to also represent the spirit of those we love.

I sketch in the wild, as well as from the Wild Quiltworks studio in Portland, Oregon. I make every quilt with profound respect for the person or event it’s intended to honor, understanding that the memory you are entrusting me with represents one of life’s most important moments.