Wild Quiltworks

The Process

I come into the peace of wild things.
— Wendell Berry

Reach out

Even if you’re unsure that you’re ready, or aren’t certain what you’ll need, filling out my contact form is a great place to start. Got a plan that you need someone skilled to execute? Great! We’ll hit the ground running with a planning meeting. Most people aren’t so sure, and so I’ll be in touch to guide you through the process.


Collect Materials

Memorial quilts often involve going through someone’s belongings. This can be a difficult process, and I respect the emotional effort this takes. Prepare yourself to go through this process, if you haven’t already. Typically, a combination of your loved one’s clothes plus the fabric that I add creates the best quilts. Keep in mind that quilting with natural fibers, rather than synthetics, provides the best results.

If you aren’t providing fabric, I can shop for materials and pull pieces from my trove. Just make sure you’re thinking about colors, style, patterns, and texture—what you love, what you don’t love, what’s a must-have, what’s a deal-breaker.


Meet & Decide Design

Many of my services require a consultation. For an hourly fee (applicable to final cost), we’ll get together to discuss your hopes, goals, and requirements for your quilt. We can brainstorm design choices, sketch an initial layout, and talk about the nuts and bolts of the process.

Once we’re both certain that I have what I need to turn your idea into the stunning quilt you’ve imagined, we’ll both sign off on the plan so that I can get to work. Half of the payment will be due at this time (remainder due at pickup).


Wash & Iron

All fabrics must be completely clean and ironed prior to arrival. Skipping this step will delay the process and increase your cost.


Magic Happens

This is the part where I work my quilting magic (more like decades of experience, toil, and pricked fingers—potato, potahto). I’ll be in touch during this process, which will take anywhere from 4–12 weeks, depending on your project.


Quilt Delivery

You get your quilt! Any remaining payments are due upon delivery.

If you provided fabrics, you’ll also need to claim any scraps you wish to keep. In the case of memorial quilts, I strongly encourage you to let me recycle the unused pieces. It can be difficult to receive these cut pieces, and there is power in seeing your quilt as a transition to a new phase in honoring your loved one.