Wild Quiltworks

Quilts to Remember

Made from the fabrics that once belonged to those we’ve lost, these memorial quilts are a tangible connection to their presence—a new way for them to “live on” in our lives.


Quilts founded in the spirit of healing and connection

First let me say that here you are not alone. As you’ll likely learn when we meet, I am no stranger to the depth of loss and grief. While I make a quilt that represents possibly your most joyous and painful memories, I will hold space for you, believing truly in Judyth Hill’s wise words: “Imagine grief as the outbreath of beauty.”

I begin each quilt by lighting a candle in the memory of the person I’m quilting for. If you can provide a picture, it helps me turn this process into a meditation on your loved one’s life. My clients will often provide shirts, suits, ties, dresses, pants, and even sweaters or other items that this person was physically or emotionally close to during their life. Used fabrics have stories behind them, and so they are some of my favorite textiles to work with. Honoring the importance of the fabrics you provide for your quilt, I will carefully deconstruct them. I’ll then reassemble the pieces into the design sketched out and agreed upon at our consultation. 

Prices start at $600.00.


Memorial quilt in king

Silk, cotton, and linen quilt with coconut buttons

Memorial wall hanging or lap throw

Quilt in wool, cotton, velvet, eyelet, cashmere, and corduroy with floral flannel backing and wool batting