Wild Quiltworks

Modern Handmade Quilts for Heritage & Home

Each unique design from the Wild Quiltworks studio is crafted to beautify your home, provide comfort through life’s wooliest moments, and bring forth the joie de vivre found in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest.


About My Quilts

Handcrafted quilts to celebrate, decorate, or commemorate. Taking design inspiration from nature, my quilts are made for comfort and stitched to last a lifetime (and then some). I believe quilts hold our stories, piece by piece, stitch by stitch—a true labor of love.


The Collaborative Process

We’ll work together to create a quilt that will become an instant heirloom. Bring your own fabrics or just a few ideas, and meet with me for a consultation to sketch out a plan. If you don’t live within driving distance of Portland, we can talk on the phone, by text, or over email. I can send you pictures or drawings to get the process started.

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Get Started and Stay Updated

Reach out through my contact form to get started. And while you’re at it, follow me on Instagram to see the latest from the Wild Quiltworks studio, based in Portland, Oregon.